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  • Worldwide (all countries are welcome to join)
  • High paying surveys. You can earn $15 - $30 a day or $450 - $600 a month.
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  • Paying members since 2007.
  • No limit on direct referrals (8 levels).
  • Most popular and longest running paid to click and surveys sites.
  • Minimum payout is $8 Paypal and Payza.
  • Methods of payment: Paypal, Payza, Cheque (minimum of $100).
  • Waiting time for the cashout are every Friday and Monday.
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  • Worldwide membership (everyone can join)
  • Minimum cashout of $30.  You will become a gold member after your first $30 cash out.
  • High paying surveys. You can earn $15 - $30 a day or $450 - $600 a month.
  • Paid email worth $0.02/email
  • Methods of Payment: Cheque only
  • $0.50 - $0.75 per referral that you made.
  • Waiting time for the cashout is 30 days.
  • Unlimited referrals
  • Paying customer since 2000.  
  • Longest and most trusted paying survey site in the Internet
  • Almost the same as Clixsense websites
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Do you want to have a new MOTOROLA ANDROID TABLET and gift cards (Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot and more)?
Join this easiest survey site ever!!!
  • For US and Canada Only
  • You can earn as much as 4000 points in one week.
  • Easiest survey site ever made.  No brainer!!!!
  • Fast gift card payout (3-4 days only)
  • Fellow members are the one making the survey so its easy to answer and fast. No brainer.
  • Level 1 referral only.

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Received Gift Cards

  • Worldwide membership
  • Minimum payment of $2
  • Having more than 20 - 30 ads a day!!!.
  • One of the most trusted paid to click sites in the Internet.
  • Methods of payment: Paypal, Payza, Neteller.
  • Instant cashout (super fast payment)!!!!.
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Digital Generation

A Smarter Way to Use Your PC
  • Minimum cashout is $0.60 for Paypal and $1.50 for Payza.
  • The fastest PTC that can meet the minimum payment because of the autosurf features that it has. (1 week to have the minimum payment).
  • Maximum of 7 business days of waiting after payment.
  • Youtube AUTOSURF which can pay you up to $0.04 - $0.10 everyday when you view it all. You can just let it autosurf while you are sleeping.
  • No limit on referrals.
  • It will just take you six days to reach your minimum payment for paypal.
  • More than 75+ ads within the day.
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  • One of the longest running Paid To Click sites on the Internet.
  • Paying members since 2008.
  • You can also Rent Referrals here.
  • Minimum cashout is $7.
  • Methods of payment: Paypal and Payza.
  • Waiting time for the cashout is a maximum of 30 days.
  • Average ads per day is around 35+/-.
  • Worldwide membership
  • Paying members since 2003
  • Most longest running paid to click website in the Internet.
  • Minimum payment of $10
  • Methods of payment: Paypal
  • Instant payment of cashout.
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